About Us

Starting and running a company is hard. And at the end of the day, any investment is about the people who started, founded, and manage the company. Therefore, those relationships come first. Above all, we value integrity, direct communication and fun.

Montana’s baby boomer generation has led our state in the creation of small businesses and are now at a transitional point. The business owner is 65+ years old and still working. The business needs the next generation of ownership, as many lack willing family members to take over the operation. An increasing number of these businesses struggle to transition as the acquisition price is too large for local individuals and too small for institutional buyers. The impact on local jobs across our state can be substantial especially when a community loses its only local grocery or hardware store. In some cases, the owner chooses to close the business, become disabled, or die and the family is left to manage the transition. Goodworks Ventures LLC is launching Goodworks Evergreen, which provides transition opportunities to retiring owners by acquiring their local Montana businesses, with the goal of keeping quality jobs within the community.

We are here to meet business owners that need help with their next phase, and to keep Montana “The last best place.” Meet the team:


is the founder of Goodworks Ventures and the High Stakes Foundation. As a result of attending a Play Big Session about a decade ago, she made the decision to leverage her resources to support the people making a positive change in Montana. Her focus is on triple bottom line investments in the for profit arena and rural economic development, leadership development and environmental policy issues in the nonprofit arena. A passionate lover of place, she has a wicked backspin on her tennis game.


is the CEO of Goodworks Ventures a Montana based company investing in high social impact companies. She is also President of the High Stakes Foundation, which provides support to visionary people and organizations that are leading and implementing changes to create a sustainable future for Montana. She loves to be outside and to play music with friends.


is a third generation Montanan who grew up on a horse farm and is deeply rooted in this place. He is the Co-Founder of Goodworks Evergreen and works directly with its portfolio companies. Glacier National Park is his happy place, so much so he got married in the Park, outside, in -15 degree weather.

Cat Yturri


is the Financial Manager for Goodworks Evergreen. She was born and raised right here in Missoula. She spent the last 14 years working in the property management industry where she enjoyed working with residents to provide them the best living experience. Kari enjoys spending time with her husband and two children where she works to teach them the importance of giving back to the community and volunteering. At home, Kari and her family enjoy gardening, remodeling their home, and spending time with their herd of animals.